XDC2009 Program

This is the rough program for XDC2009. If you would like to give a talk, please add a proposal to the Ideas section below. Please do not edit the program itself: instead, if you have any time constraints (e.g. are arriving late or leaving early), please note them with your talk.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
10am coalesce, breakfast, live schedule bashing coalesce, breakfast coalesce, breakfast
10:30am Welcome, general socialising (?CarlWorth et al) Mesa, OpenGL 3.x and patents (Ian) PCI rework debrief (Tiago)
11:15am Summer of Code debrief (SoC students) GL extension for MMs/KMS/fbos, (and Wayland) (krh) XACE update (Eamon)
12pm Lightning talks (krh, et al) OpenGL shaders for SM3.0/SM4.0 hw (Ian) Why Xorg sucks and what to do about it (Corbin)
12:45pm lunch lunch lunch
2pm Debugging Gallium drivers (Jakob) Synchronisation and presentation (Aaron) X on embedded platforms (Oliver & Tiago)
2:45pm 7.5 post-partum, 7.6 planning (Daniel) Technical overview of multi-seat plug-and-play (Bernie)
 Future of the XFree86 DDX (ajax)       
3:00pm Intel driver update (jbarnes) Followed by Working sessions
4pm Power management in X (Matthew) Working sessions X with alternate toolkit architectures (Bart)

Lightning talks (add your own here!)

Talk proposals

[If we're doing our job right, each of these appear in the schedule above.]