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XDC Attendance Sponsorship Policy

  • Sponsorship is available for XDC presenters, no matter if physical or virtual conference.
  • Sponsorship is available for one reporter from a Board-selected publisher (e.g. Linux Weekly News traditionally) that will be supplying an in-depth technical record of the talks for people who did not attend.
  • The board will also consider requests from anyone who submitted a talk proposal to a conference relevant to X.org Foundation's member projects. Details will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the board.
  • Requests must be posted to and approved by the X.org Foundation Board (email board@foundation.x.org)

See our Reimbursement Policy for details.

XDC Selection Process

The board has typed up expectations and the general process on the RFP page. XDC has an Anti-Harassment Policy. The program itself is assembled by the papers committee.