XDC2007: Xorg Developer's Conference

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February 7,8,9 2007 San Francisco Bay Area

Conference organizer: Stuart Kreitman

Live notes are going up at XDC2007 Notes. Play along!


We're a go for the TechShop, a very cool Maker's workshop very near Sun's Menlo Park campus, and close to Palo Alto and Menlo Park Hotels and dining.

Address/Map: 120 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Getting There, Getting Around There

San Jose (SJC) Airport is 16 miles south of Menlo Park airporter shuttle (1-800-XXX XXXX)

San Francisco (SFO) Airport is 20 miles north of Menlo Park

Recommended Hotels

  • Hampton Inn, 390 moffett blvd, Mountain View CA
  • Marriot Residence Inn, 4460 El Camino Real, Los Altos
  • Marriot Residence Inn, # 1854 El Camino Real West Mountain View , CA
  • Sheraton Palo Alto
  • Westin Palo Alto
  • Stanford Park Hotel

range of price/convenience options, The above listed are good places in good locations

Agenda (Presenters: Get your talk listed here. If you need a change, negotiate directly with other presenters and update the wiki)

each item corresponds roughly to one hour of programming Each day, we're planning 3 1 hr slots before lunch, and 2 1 hr slots after lunch, then breakouts

In response to feedback from last year's conference, we are leaving more open space in the schedule for structured and unstructured un-conferencing each day

Wednesday 9AM -> 5 PM

  • Introductions, Overview - Stuart Kreitman
  • MultiPointer X - Peter Hutterer
  • Virtual Multihead - Philip Langdale, VMware
  • Lunch
  • Randr 1.2 - Keith Packard, Intel
  • 7.2/7.3 Roadmap - Adam Jackson, Red Hat
  • Breakout Sessions - All
  • Breakout Reports - All

Thursday 9AM -> 5 PM

  • Board of Directors Report, Q&A
  • Display Technology, EDID, VESA - Joe Miseli (Sun)
  • Lunch
  • Secure X - Eamon Walsh (SecurityTalkAgenda)
  • Cut&Paste - Bart Massey
  • Breakout Sessions - All
  • Breakout Reports - All

Friday 9AM -> 5 PM

  • Compiz - David Reveman
  • Beryl - Quinn Storm
  • Mesa - Brian Paul
  • Lunch
  • NVIDIA, Xinerama - Andy Ritger, NVIDIA
  • Xcb - Bart Massey, Portland State U.
  • Breakouts
  • Bash! Gunn High School's award winning Jazz Combo will play for us!

Items not covered

  • Virtualization (Xen)
  • (auto)-configuration
  • Open Source drivers vs Vista-certified
  • Display Port / HDMI / replacing VGA/DVI
  • Nouveau
  • One Laptop Per Child - Jim Gettys, olpc (Cancelled)


insert your name on a separate line

  • Eric Anholt, Intel
  • Jesse Barnes, Intel
  • Ben Byer, Apple
  • Erwann Chénedé, Sun
  • Alan Coopersmith, Sun
  • Jay Cotton, Sun
  • Alex Deucher
  • Egbert Eich, SuSE
  • Behdad Esfahbod, ?RedHat
  • Matthias Hopf, SuSE
  • Peter Hutterer, UniSA
  • Adam Jackson, Red Hat
  • James Jones, Nvidia
  • Stuart Kreitman, Sun
  • Philip Langdale, VMware
  • Chris Lee, VMware
  • Kevin Martin, Red Hat
  • Bart Massey, Portland State University
  • Jim McQuillan, ltsp.org
  • Joe Miseli, Sun
  • Keith Packard, Intel
  • Brian Paul, Tungsten Graphics
  • Aaron Plattner, Nvidia
  • Niveditha Rau, Sun
  • David Reveman, Novell
  • Andy Ritger, Nvidia
  • Bankim Shah, Attachmate
  • Carl Switzky, Sun
  • Roberto Tam, Sun
  • Bernard Traversat, Sun
  • Kevin Van Vechten, Apple
  • Eamon Walsh, NSA (SELinux developer)
    • Carl Worth, Red Hat, (I had been planning to attend, but due to unforeseen circumstances will not be available. Have fun, everybody!);
    • Daniel Stone, Nokia (cannot attend due to schedule clashes -- sorry!)
    • Jim Gettys, OLPC (Thursday only)

Sharing Stuff

Folks in need, and folks in a generous mood, please list your interests (or send me email if you want me to help you get matched up)

Other Stuff

If you're finishing up the Xorg Developer's Conference, and haven't had your fill of geek stuff, head down the coast to Los Angeles on Friday. The Fifth Annual SoCal Linux Expo will be February 9th-11th at the Westin LAX Hotel (which is a short shuttle ride from LAX). There are four speaker tracks on both Saturday and Sunday, plus BOFs and a couple of mini-conferences on Friday. If you'd like a BOF for any reason, contact g@socallinuxexpo.com . For more info on the Expo, see http://socallinuxexpo.org/

Thanks to Stu for the commercial space!